Key technologies

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Several key technologies are developed thanks to SPIRITS for interventional radiology and more generally for hybrid image-guided surgery:

Spirit robot.png 3D Printing of multimaterial polymer structures for the design of highly-integrated robotic structures. Picture on the left represents a proof-of-concept developed at INSA Strasbourg - ICube lab (©ICUBE).
Hfu tech.png Tactile transducer design and manufacturing using MEMS technology, with hydrostatic design for efficient feedback. Picture on the left describes the multi-scale design of tactile transducer as developed by HFU (©HFU).
Umm tech.jpg Hydraulic actuation to build compact and efficient actuated tools in the medical environment. Picture on the left represents CAD designs of hydraulically-driven surgical tools introduced by UMM, compatible with surgical applications in terms of size and force generation (©UMM).

Fhnw tech.jpg 3D printing of Ti and NiTi. Complex metal alloys can be produced by FHNW with control of microstructure and material properties. Picture on the left represent sample parts obtained using in-house equipments of FHNW (©FHNW).
Epfl instantlab tech.jpg Instrumented surgical tools. Integration of optical technologies in surgical tools opens the way to precision increase in robotised tasks for medical application. Picture on the left represents micro-surgery tool with embedded force sensor to improve tissue manipulation (©EPFL).