Research Objectives

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3Dprinting.png SPIRITS is innovative with respect to the medical context: interventional radiology and the overall field of hybrid image-guided surgery is an innovative field of surgery, in strong development, with opportunities for the development of new industrial key players.

SPIRITS innovation also comes from the developed solutions, based on the applied research conducted by the partners:

  • 3D printing with the development of metallic printed parts, combined with existing multimaterial polymer printed elements. Lightweight devices can be foreseen for robots installed on a patient and easy to manipulate.
  • Hydraulic actuation for ensuring small size mechatronic solutions, with easy control with respect to other non-fluidic actuation.
  • Sensory substitution or augmentation with tactile feedback, by developing a tactile transducer based on dieleectric electroactive polymers (DEAP).
  • Smart needle design and fabrication using in particular optical sensing technologies.